Change the conversation around breastfeeding – Unicef campaign


Recently we shared our thoughts on what makes good feeding support for new families – that blog arose from our experiences working with new mothers and encountering too many situations that were seemingly preventable. It is a sad fact that the subject of breastfeeding has become divisive in the UK and a large part of that is due to the bad or traumatic experiences too many women have suffered in their attempts to feed their babies. Those women have not ‘failed’, but they have certainly been failed by the system. So, Nurturing Birth are thrilled to be part of the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition discussions, alongside many of the big name breastfeeding advocates in the UK, such as the Royal College of Midwives, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, AIMS, First Steps Nutrition, Baby Milk Action, Maternity Action, and Save the Children. Today Unicef have launched a Call To Action campaign on behalf of the Baby Friendly Initiative to change the conversation around breastfeeding, and encourage more discussions within government. We urge you all to join the campaign and raise your voice so that women are better supported in feeding their babies. The research is all there to show just how beneficial breastfeeding is, not just for each individual baby, but for our ongoing health services and economy.